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Extend revolving lines of credit or transaction specific loans to U.S. exporters comfortably working internationally to assist them in fulfilling overseas purchase orders and/or permitting them to extend more aggressive terms to their overseas buyers. These asset-based loans will provide for advance rates of up to 75% against export purchase orders (i.e. inventory – Raw, WIP, Finished Goods) and up to 90% against accounts receivables from overseas buyers


  • Allows funds for materials, labor, inventory, goods and services for exports.
  • Used to finance receivables from export sales, which increases competitiveness with foreign customers.
  • Single or multiple buyers.
  • For specific short-term transaction or as a revolving line of credit.
  • Exporter may get credit insurance to reduce non-payment risk.
  • The ability to obtain a working capital loan is dependent on the quality and strength of he U.S. company, the foreign receivables, and export related inventory. 
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