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Make loans ranging from two to five years or more to overseas buyers of goods and services from a U.S. exporter. Since the ability to provide financing on capital goods or large transactions is often required to make the sale, the ability to provide this type of financing to the buyer can substantially enhance a U.S. company’s ability to compete globally.


Term Loans to Foreign Customers

  • Expands export opportunities to high-risk emerging markets.
  • Provides medium and long-term loans directly to foreign customers, which enhances sales package of U.S. company.
  • U.S. company paid in full upon loan disbursement to foreign buyer.
  • Supports 85% of the U.S. contract price depending on U.S. content value.
  • The ability of foreign customers to obtain a term loan is dependent on the quality and strength of its financial statements, possible county limitations, and size and nature of the goods or services purchased.
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